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Every so often in graphic communications history, disparate forces interact and a perfect product emerges: it happened in 1455, for example, with the Gutenberg Bible - and again after 1958 when Chester Carlson (Rochester, NY) invented xerography and the Xerox copy.

We think the scratch-off postcard is a near perfect product for our time. So, we're taking liberty to call 2006 'The Year of the Scratch-off Postcard' and building a whole campaign around it.

On these pages you'll find:

  1. Our top ten reasons for proclaiming this is the Best of Times to use scratch-off postcards.
  2. Our campaign calendar. (includes samples and other selling tools)
  3. Information about special offers surrounding the campaign.
  4. Direct mail resources.

We invite you to come back often!

Scratch-off postcard
Solutions Ink. Montreal, Quebec
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